VDKF-LEC Produktfamilie


With LEC you can collect and analyze data, serving to control leakage and energy consumption of refrigerant systems. This data collection becomes necessary in order to satisfy National and European-wide compliances like EC-Reg. 1005/2009 and EC-Reg. 842/2006.

As the extend and manner of the software is conditioned by the different existing targeted audiences, the LEC product family based on Internet browsers has been created, to take these different needs into account. Therefore, aside of the here in detail presented European basic version in English, which represents the European legal framework LEC Product Family, as the smallest common denominator (European basic version), there exists also another version for the specialized German Refrigeration and Air Condition Companies (KKF-Version)

Furthermore, there exists a version for larger enterprises (Operator Version), which takes into account the requirement that their data (id est.: the complete documentation of evidence of a Refrigerating Installation) has to be made available for a daily period and this for different analyses on a so-called Operator Server. This version can be connected to a network in such a manner, that the mandated Refrigeration and Air Condition Specialist would have access to the data (after having obtained the rights to do so by the RAC-Operator). Only the qualified Refrigeration and Air Condition Specialist can carry out leakage detection on the base of a duly licensed KKF-Version.

In all the offered versions, the qualified Refrigeration and Air Condition Specialist is therefore in the centre of the special services on refrigeration devices. He

  • monitors the refrigeration devices and edits the necessary Leak Checks-Logbook,
  • cares for, that representative data, concerning refrigerant leakages, are detected,
  • complies – as mandated by the Operator, with the legal requirements, which the operator has to observe,
  • cooperates with the competent professional association (like the VDKF in Germany) by supplying anonymized RAC system data for a political dialog.

With LEC, the Refrigeration and Air Condition Contractor receives a management tool, which helps him to strengthen customer relations. Thanks to this data mining, it can be shown to the single operator (customer of the CACS), that aside legal risks,  also cost risks can be detected in eventually uneconomical refrigeration in-stallations. By doing so, he creates arguments to improve the state of the art of the installation by a renewal of its technical equipment parts.

By using the LEC, the RAC Service provider can earn money, because he can offer to the operator the results of the legally prescribed leakage detection tests. The qualified RAC Service Provider exercises the work of a Control Organization. With this service, he creates new business opportunities for himself.

For further information please contact our VDKF- office in Bonn: +49 228 24989-0 or via email info@vdkf.de